Here are some of the folks who have been kind enough to send us some props & shout outs about our brand of House Music.

Thank you for the inspiration through all your kind words!!! (Click on These Fans’ Twitter handle links to go directly to their profile).

Phaseon@dattrax Awesome music dude. Thanks for the link! :] Hit me up with whatever else you got. Metallic songs is pretty cool.
andreloibl@dattrax your basic cause ROCKS!!! I listen to it every time I do my “writing stuff”!! AWESOME!!
glechkoon@dattrax thanks for the music…keep the mixing going…loving it!!!!
NYPunk88@dattrax those house mixes are blazen. house 4 life.
The_Police1@dattrax Loving your mixes mate!
ChrisDuhamel@dattrax perfect mate……its all about House music in my eyes, no other music is worth listening too.,…. I love it & appreciate the link
asktonycListening to some wonderful House Music mixed by the one and only @dattrax
pLaSTiKaDJ@dattrax Congrats for the Mixes. I downloaded Sunrise and I love it. That style is very close to mine. See you on the Beat!
DJPradigi@dattrax I’m checkin that simple reasons mix out man. sounds like heat…. Peace…
mattigee@dattrax MAN. I am *lovin* your mixes. Just had an eargasm at 52″ of m’ment ax the tracks, great GREAT track. thanks man.
chrislovatt@dattrax have been rollin out your house mixes with the volume high, lovin ’em, kudos!
BaconBellyBoy@dattrax my consuming hobby is djing i cant get enough of it! i downloaded to of your house mixes have them on my nokia now many thanks!
andreloibl@dattrax I’m checking out your #soundcloud profile and listen to your “classic” track – awesome piece
hijadecanothank u so much!! i LOVE HOUSE!! I did check out sum of ur mixes…they are wow!! u rock!! hope to hear more from u soon!!
delayna@dattrax bumpin it riiiight now…. delicious
andreloibl@dattrax The basic cause is REALLY cool!! :-)) Thank you!! :-))
jayarza@dattrax diggin the vibe on some those mixes.
borisrio@dattrax Loved your music selection.
zaneologyLove your mixes! 🙂
DJPradigiI’m checkin that simple reasons mix out man. sounds like heat…. Peace…
djericrosensweet.thank you so much for taking the time.
TaBu64Im diggin these tracks so far…good work man!!
changebumpin@dattrax thank you, and hello from Brooklyn!!
SMM353@dattrax I really like this basic cause mix
mattigee@dattrax oh shiiiiitttt multiple eargasms!! 13″30′-18″ Basic Cause Mix. purrrfect all that’s missing is the
Ech076@dattrax awesome tracks my dude love em
konstantinidis@dattrax just downloaded one track nice prefect sunday track keeps me
TaBu64@dattrax i do like your setup..very cool
The_Police1@dattrax Wow! Amazing
TaBu64@dattrax the tracks you have under “classic” came thru smooth…real nice man!!
NYPunk88@dattrax sounds really good. just what I needed today.
prinzessinloren@dattrax the mixes were cool
KingdomKomeCuts@dattrax nice tracks, esprecially for chill out!
audiosoul@dattrax cheers for the sweet sets. Listening while I do morning emails. Loving that Chez n Ron on MainStreet you drop on the New Resolve!
Frauen4rzt@dattrax i like your beats 😉
jptolife@dattrax Hey, thanks for that! I listened to a couple and they sound sweet!
SFMktmaven@dattrax “HouseHEAD” HA love it, yup that is me! Listening now Dat and LOVIN IT. Thanks!
TeKKeR_CyFeR@dattrax very nice stuff
deepgrooveshow@dattrax Techvisions soundz very nice my friend.
ChrisDuhamel@dattrax yeeeah keep it up
NYPunk88 House DJ cool guy awesome music @dattrax
hero_ic@dattrax Listening to Simple Reasons now. Sick!
GAKCity@dattrax good looking out man.
djs_musicSweet music you got.
djshriftythanks man. Spread the word.
czboogieGreat mix! Keep House alive in Toronto! 🙂
eddiepalnice to see that at least there is somebody out there on tweeter who understands house music
asktonycYou have good taste in music!
DrKEWL@dattrax Hot mix!!!
hijadecanothank u!! VEry SWEET!!
buenadesign@dattrax Awesome, thanks!
dglive@dattrax Thanks for the trax, I dig ’em!
The_Police1@dattrax They are amazing!
RonSin@dattrax Thank you for the mixes
sH3Rrific@dattrax w0ot! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DJMetroGnome@dattrax dope! thank you muches!
simplyhealthy@dattrax Thank you! your mixes are fun 🙂
NyAshia@dattrax ooooo, thank you thank you thank you…I have only listened to a few minutes of one and already up outta my seat!!
VDUBJB@dattrax will peep the mixes, big up!
hijadecanoListenin to a dope house mix by @dattrax called “Sunrise”… House has a way of puttin a negress in zen mode…0 more result since you started searching. Refresh to see them.
hijadecanoi absolutely love ur music selection!! @dattrax Also ur intro to 3 a.m. Styles… Love ur passion for house…Feeln it fasho! BIG UPS! 0 more result since you started searching. Refresh to see them.
yellowboyee@dattrax I am checking the tracks out now! Thanks for the link.
jimhutchinson@dattrax Those are good MP3 sound tracks for using as overlays on videos, PowerPoints, etc.
Tindra66thx great datrax. The beats are running!0 more result since you started searching. Refresh to see them.
CrazyStephi@dattrax Oh my god, thanks. These are absolutley BRILLIANT! Thumbs up & Keep it up!
JaqobJackson@dattrax Thanks man! that is some funky ass shit right there! Diggin parts of it. I just downloaded demo of Ableton. Lookin for full to DL!
smbusinesscoach@alblack if u like house music you might want to check out: @dattrax – pretty good stuff
hijadecanoListening to “techovisions” a technohouse mix by @dattrax … very funky wit sum MLK n sum Tweet… Takes me to a neutral place…
andreloibl@dattrax You’re always welcome!! 🙂 I really enjoy the mixes you make – I love positive house mixes!! You transport good vibes!! :-))
DjNessdigi @dattrax I’m listening now… supertight shit. the intro, the buildup is fantastic!! CHATTERBOX
DJSid2009@dattrax nice stuff…
ianaloveee@dattrax thanks for the link:)) sounds really good:)) i absolutely adore it:)
Ruthiesinsane@dattrax thanks. some of these are great.
V1H@dattrax thks so much that´s a good website, i go to listen every day :p
glechkoon@dattrax i love…i just tweeted you web link…listening to it right now
andreloibl @dattrax I really liked this one – and I left a comment on your site – hope you can read it! 🙂 Many greetings and keep rockin’! 🙂
AlexZaldua @dattrax, sorry about the late get back man. Though the mix was sweet as! Seventy seven minutes of mellow love making house music
NyAshia @dattrax Finally checkin out “Relentless”…absolutely lovin it! …mind if I share this on my blog when I launch it this month?
ianaloveee @dattrax will do. i’ve listened to most of them and trust me they’re all great
HitListNow @dattrax not bad. I sense some serious skill there…
madeleinekuan @dattrax hey awesome tune! Love it!
VbellaGenio_Esq @dattrax thank u! I love dirty dirty house music
ianaloveee @dattrax keep em links comin:)) thank youuu
for_your_info @dattrax No problem, It was very good…. I would be commenting on them all… I have listened to a few, more this week on my iPod.
2HungryBros @dattrax THERE’s SOOO Much ON HERE! I feel guilty 4 not gettin on this sooner. I need me some soundforge. I keep recordin
MaxineXRox @dattrax hot baby! I’ll check it on my computer soon! Love House! Especial Happy house!! I love to dance!
KidGMan @dattrax just woke up and grooving… thanx for the update
OfficialMikeC @dattrax wow definitely sounds like a bomb! I will have to work it into my sets. Good job guys
rkrapollo Hey thank you will check it out and have it downloaded….:D
brijh Thx @dattrax I’m enjoying it. I like it a lot. Ref: House Mix
NaughtyNaf @dattrax nice one
DjNessdigi @dattrax if y’all don’t know about this dj, visit his podcast… they’re dynomite!
jankarel @dattrax thank you!
RandomCritic @dattrax thank you !
alejvarez@dattrax thank you
DJKidAV@dattrax thanks bro!
Doubledown_InSL@dattrax AWESOME! thanks for the House Music
ssennott@dattrax hey, thanks
fu2ra@dattrax Good stuff dude!
Darth_Disco@dattrax Hi, thanks for mixes.
gt_p@dattrax hi, and thanks.
DJInsomnia@dattrax good looks on the tracks!
GypsyTMGThanks Dattrax!
The_Police1Thank you!
NickContrinoYo Check Out @dattrax. He’s Sick with it…. And if you follow him I’m sure he will hook you up with his sick house beats
ArgenispaulThanks so much!
AudarshiaYeah! Thanks so much!
Beni_Bonniettaawesome, thanks dude!
kimms99@dattrax Thanks!!
Nurseciccoli@dattrax Thanks!
pattyduggan@dattrax Cool. Thanks for the music.
czboogieThank you so much!
maxweels@dattrax thanks for the mix
janmikulin@dattrax – thanks and one love
AlliRabbit85@dattrax thanks
AymeJayne@dattrax Thanks for the tunes! I’m listening to them now.
BrianSD@dattrax Thank you for sharing!
MoreWillie@dattrax Nice! Thanks
dijibeatnetwork@dattrax Thank you!
asktonyc@dattrax Thanks for the tracks my friend! 🙂
SMM353@dattrax Thanks.
ElectroChantae@dattrax Thank you!!!
DJDDT@dattrax thanks!
davidjewood@dattrax your on my itunes !!
claudio316@dattrax Yoo shit is tight ….download ASAP LOL
JashMalikRT @PicSeshu Listening to another house mix by @dattrax … hey it’s Friday … what else would you be listening to?
kategracea@dattrax hey that’s way cool! 🙂 good remixes! keep it up guys!:)
blove212@dattrax CUTE MIXES!!
SamMarcelloFollow @dattrax … Some nice mixes goin on over there..

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Various House Mixes by dattrax

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